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NWORK was formed keeping in mind the dire need of professional media content along with an unwithheld expanse of creativity, in day to day life as well as for already tall establishments. Therefore the team is represented by some of the best in town, each adept and experienced in her/his own field.

It was quintessential for us to understand that people need more than one solution at a time and a team that understands all of the needs which fall under media is hard to come by, a professional team that is.

You will find here what we specialize in and the in-depth walkthrough to let you know how we have accomplished so.


    Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.


    In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality


    Good Design is a conglomerate of both content and creativity


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    Half of the storytelling ability is sound.


    Sky is the limit

How We Do It

Multimedia is an intricate process wherein multiple people are involved to cover various skill sets. We follow the industry standard workflow to complete each and every project, described briefly below.


    This is the first step to the initiation of any project. It covers detailed scripting, screenplay and storyboarding.


    At this point, ideas on paper begin to take form. Production involves pre-visualization, shooting/capturing, and recording audio-visuals.


    Projects gets divided into multiple phases at this point which includes editing, colour correction/ grading, mo-graph, animation, and so on.


    Although not the final step, delivery involves physical transfer of the final project draft(s) to the client/end user.

Bringing the best from the industry at your disposal

46 K Captured Footages
547 + Rendered Hours
103 Projects Finished

Frequently Asked Questions

Although the term "Multimedia" covers a universe of services, we at NWORK take pride in being able to provide an array of promotional and media services, the extent of which very few or probably none of our competition are capable of satisfactorily providing. Cinematography, photography, animation or visual effects, graphic design, web design and hosting, aerial video/photography, elearning solutions, corporate printables, wedding films, timelapses, underwater photo/videography, music videos, events, adventure and sport reels are some of our niches.

This is one of the most discussed topics with out clients, hence we find a small section like this insufficient for the answer. Visit this link for a galore of an insight.

This is precisely our USP. Our vision and goal is to be able to provide complete promotional services with respect to media, from the very start, like the conception of the name, logo, etc., to a demostrative video, a website, even periodical troubleshooting and upgrades.

While it entirely depends on your requirement, the topic/product/service in question, the length and complexity of the video, and the target audience, generally a video takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months to develop and finish.




Industry seasoned

The team is powered by members experienced in their respective fields from years spent learning their craft from facilities or personalities hailing from the media industry.

Team designation

Each department of production is designated its own set of team specialized to carry out the process single-handedly.


Here at NWORK, part of our job entails that we keep ourselves updated with the latest infiltration to the ever-expanding multimedia world, in order to cater for the challenges we face in our work.

Work Atmosphere

A stress-free informal environment at the office helps the team to come up with creative possibilities. Nontheless, the workflow remains industry standard and is uncompromised.

Customer Relation

Multimedia has endless possibilities hence we want to be useful to our client as and when required. Therefore, we form a relation which extends outside the office, helping with the ideation, discussion and production of media.

Troubleshoot and support

Our services don’t end with the final draft, instead we remain available on call for support and troubleshooting in case things don’t pan out as planned.




In a riveting world of unlimited choices, many established corporations and people have put faith in our vigour and creative output, coming back to us for more. Our clients are local, domestic as well as international in their reach, some of which are featured below.

Progile has developed a strong technical and business capabilities in delivering end-to-end IT services and solutions.

CBIL360 provides small and medium businesses the most customized and advanced digital solutions, to make their online business sustainable and profitable.

Lifecycle is 6000 sq.ft of pure cycling bliss, in Pune. With a bouquet of super premium to affordable bikes, spares and accessories, it is the place for all your cycling requirements.

Inspire India is a Sports Management Company that provides opportunities for transformation, through the best known vehicle for change, the Bicycle!


Explore the possibilities in the media industry with us


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